Vetted Webinars for Women Entrepreneurs


Introducing Vetted Webinars

Yes, vetted experts and proven programs specifically for Women Entrepreneurs with industry leaders Lisa Saladino Garife and Ashley Armstrong.

As Master Coaches on Amazon strategy, SEO optimization, and business development, Lisa and Ashley have teamed up to extend their knowledge base as consultants through the channels of mentoring and course development while servicing a robust, clientele with multimillion dollar product lines.

Assisting Lisa and Ashley (when a male perspective is needed) is Dan Hollings, well known for having spent a decade or more working with thousands of Women Entrepreneurs in all aspects of marketing, both online and off.

Together this team of highly driven, cutting edge and proven savvy business dynamos is dedicated to delivering the best of the best in Vetted Webinar topics and experts speaking to the unique needs and desires of YOU, a female entrepreneur.

We have a heart for women..!


Ashley Armstrong

Ashley is an industry leading strategist, Amazon marketer, app creator, manufacturer, wireframe developer and speaker. Ashley possesses a unique blend of intelligence, persistence and experience in a broad range of business and marketing disciplines. She also founded a very successful expat mother’s group that provides support, holistic, childbirth education, training and business development to women.

Lisa Saladino Garife

Combining her background as a corporate sales trainer with her experience as a leader of leaders within a National Women’s Organization, Lisa fell in love with championing the growth of women in business and leadership roles. Currently, Lisa applies her passion for sales, coaching, technology, manufacturing and women as an entrepreneur and has deemed herself certifiably unemployable!

Dan Hollings

Widely recognized as the marketing strategist commissioned to help orchestrate the $300 million, mega-hit movie and book The Secret, Dan is an e-commerce guru and sought after Amazon consultant. As an innovative software developer, keen internet marketer and teacher of over 35,000 Amazon sellers and hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs. Dan has built an extensive following with students who are all ears.