I’d like to inform about Hakeem Lyon

I’d like to inform about Hakeem Lyon

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Hakeem Lyon
General Suggestions
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Resides in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (formerly)New York City, nyc
Hair colors: Ebony
Eye colors: Brown
Birthday: c.1994
Occupation(s): Rapper/Artist at Lyon Family Management, previously at Empire Entertainment and Lyon DynastyCo-founder of Lyon DynastyCEO of Empire Entertainment (briefly)
Aliases: KeemLittle Baby Traitor (by Jamal)Daddy’s litttle lady (by Freda Gatz)
relatives and buddies
Family: Lucious Lyon (father)Cookie Lyon (mother)Jeffery Kingsley (older half-brother)Andre Lyon (big brother)Jamal Lyon (big brother)Anika Calhoun (stepmother; previously) Bella Lyon (child with Anika)Tiana Brown (wife)Prince Lyon (son with Tiana)Princess Lyon (child with Tiana)
Other family members: Rhonda Lyon (sister-in-law)Bunkie Williams (maternal cousin)Carol Hardaway (maternal aunt)Leah Walker (grandmother)Joe Walker (grandfather)Tariq Cousins (paternal uncle)Candace (maternal aunt)Unborn sister (deceased)Unborn nephew (deceased)Olivia Lyon (ex-sister-in-law)Luther Hardaway (cousin)Keisha Hardaway (cousin)Tanya Hardaway (cousin)Franklin (cousin)Brianna (cousin)
Relationships: Tiana Brown (ex-wife)Maya(wife)Laura Calleros (ex-fiancГ©e)Camilla markings (ex-girlfriend/lover)Anika Calhoun (lover/sexual affair)Tory Ash (hook-up; threesome with Tiana)Haven Quinn (ex-girlfriend)
Friends: ChickenBlake (previously)
company: Lucious Lyon (formerly)Cookie Lyon (previously)
Enemies: Cookie Lyon (formerly)Jamal Lyon (formerly)Lucious LyonLaz DelgadoGramNessa Parker Angelo Dubois Diana Dubois Eddie Barker Blake
more information
Clique: Tay-OLil ChrisChickenMarcel
Talent: Rapping
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Bryshere Y. Gray

Hakeem Lyon is a principal character within the tv show, Empire. He’s the youngest son of Lucious and Cookie Lyon, cousin to Andre and Jamal, together with daddy of Bella and Prince Lyon.

He could be a rap musician, who had been finalized to their dad’s label, Empire Entertainment, and ended up being additionally finalized to his and his mom’s label, Lyon Dynasty. He’s presently finalized to Lyon Family Management.


Created to Lucious Lyon and Cookie Lyon; he’s the youngest of three sons, including Jamal and Andre. He and his mother have an estranged relationship; whenever Hakeem had been an infant, Cookie had been delivered to prison for 17 years. Hakeem was raised within the limelight because their daddy’s rap job had been simply removing as he came to be. For their dad’s work ethic and their mom’s incarceration, Hakeem and his brothers had a caregiver.

Empire Chronology

Season One


Hakeem doing immediately during the studio.

Hakeem, first introduced while the youngest, lively, fame-hungry son, generally seems to reach their head. He first executes reside in as soon as together with his bro, Jamal, and understands that his father, Lucious, will relinquish their leadership of Empire Entertainment to virtually any of Hakeem’s brothers. Although Hakeem is decided to simply take the throne, he takes advantageous asset of their success to flirt with females and consume alcohol. Their party-behavior continues through the entire episode. When Hakeem’s mom returns from 17 several years of prison, its obvious that their relationship with Cookie is estranged, therefore expressing their distrust. Nonetheless, Lucious intends to rev up Hakeem’s music job, asking for which he does tracks which he penned for Hakeem. When realizing that Lucious’ product is unappealing, he confides in Jamal to improve their self- confidence in hopes of perhaps maybe maybe not wanting to end up like their daddy. Hakeem executes immediately, with the aid of Jamal, in which he gets reception that is positive Lucious, urgent in order to make him a celebrity. Meanwhile, Hakeem and Jamal are verified to produce their records, but stress arises as Jamal is Cookie’s protege, and Lucious manages Hakeem.

The Outspoken King

Hakeem doing No Apologies at Laviticus.

to coerce Lucious into permitting perform that is jamal Hakeem at Laviticus. Hakeem, in a drunken and manner that is immature leakages a viral video clip that bashes white individuals, calling Barack Obama a sellout. As a consequence of the viral appeal of the movie, Lucious is infuriated along with his behavior, but more individuals may go to their Laviticus performance as a result of it. During their evening at Laviticus, Hakeem asks Jamal to perform with him. While the two perform No Apologies, this becomes their very first effective performance being an musician. In the end associated with the episode, he shacks up with Tiana, that is happy with their appeal.

The Devil Quotes Scripture

Although Hakeem really wants to shoot a music movie, Lucious suggestions which he isn’t as successful as he thinks that he should go to the studio to make more music, implying. If it is thought that Hakeem is within a relationship with Tiana, additionally it is revealed that he’s in a year-long event with an adult girl, Camilla. Meanwhile, Hakeem is teased by Andre, who jokes about Hakeem’s potential of inheriting the Empire Entertainment label due to their close relationship with Lucious. Nonetheless, Hakeem does not wish to be considered as “daddy’s kid” but as their own individual.

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