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If there is no refrigerator, it is best to keep them in cool boxes and cool bags.

But be careful: never put it directly on the cold pack. If the preparations freeze, they lose their effectiveness after thawing. To prevent this, wrap the cooling elements with a towel. By the way, many cosmetics prefer a bit cooler in summer: kohl, eyeliner and lipsticks with a high fat content can also be stored in the refrigerator, then they don’t break off easily. 

Never expose asthma sprays and other dosage sprays to the sun

Dosing sprays such as asthma sprays also do not tolerate high temperatures. Then the valve can be damaged and the dosing accuracy is no longer given. In addition, the content can become very hot and lose its effectiveness. In addition, pressure can build up in the containers. This is also critical with deodorants and hairsprays. These can explode if exposed to direct sunlight.

Suppositories melt in the heat

Even suppositories do not tolerate heat. You melt. When it cools, the active ingredients in the suppository base are unevenly distributed, which affects the effectiveness of the drug. You shouldn’t use them anymore.

Notes on spoiled medication and care products

Even if it is not always clear whether a drug or care product has lost its effectiveness or has become bad, there are a number of indications: Gels, creams, ointments and suppositories can liquefy or change their color and smell. In the case of tablets, besides deformation and discoloration, cracks can also indicate an expired product. 

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Bloated packaging also indicates that the product is no longer good. The development of a smell and flocculation of components of a liquid or their cloudiness also indicate that you should no longer use the product. When in doubt, it is better to dispose of the products or give them to your pharmacy.

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To ease the heat, some people push the boundaries of dress codes: skirts and shorts are getting shorter, a lot of skin can be seen. However, there are some rules that apply in the office.

On hot summer days, many people wear very revealing clothing. In the workplace in particular, this often doesn’t leave a good impression, and in industries with customer traffic it is even taboo. So how far can you go and push the limits of good style?

Do not cancel the dress code yourself

Of course, this differs from branch to branch. If there is a dress code, as is the case with banks and insurance companies, employees cannot cancel it on their own. And it continues to apply at more than 30 degrees for the time being.

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If it gets very hot, the boss can or should relax the rules. But even then it can be assumed that the usual conventions apply. Therefore, those who have contact with customers or who work in more conservative companies should dress more discreetly in the heat.

Note skirt length

Women seem to have it easier here: They simply put on short skirts or wear the fine shorts as part of business outfits. It works, right? Style consultants see it differently. The combination of shorts and blazers always looks a bit sexy and is therefore inappropriate in conservative industries. The shortest skirt length in business is still a hand’s breadth above the knee.

In casual start-ups or in fashion-conscious agencies, however, things look different. You can often do what you like – or even ask what you notice. In other industries too, the limits of the dress code can be pushed to the limit on particularly hot days in the stuffy office and shop. 

Don’t bother colleagues with nudity

In the heat, many instinctively reach for thin, short and tight clothing – true to the motto: the less fabric, the more comfortable. But the same applies here: the good tone should be maintained so as not to bother colleagues and customers with nudity. Crop tops are a clear no-go in many industries. Trendy items of clothing with cut-outs and tattered trousers with holes tend not to belong in the office.

In addition, the ultra-tight mini skirt and the very tight shorts are usually less comfortable – whether at work or in leisure. You can’t move around or sit down elegantly in it. As an alternative, we recommend soft, flowing pants made of summery fabrics.

Dress code for men

And what about the men? There are short suit pants in stores. These shorts are okay for leisure and sports – on hot days anyway. But shorts have no place in many offices, especially at work.

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Pay attention to the little things

In the end, good style in professional life is also about the little things. Around flip-flops on your feet or around your bra strap. Sure, it is no longer a state act if it flashes out of the top, but visible show me asian women underwear is one of the last real no-gos in the job. Especially since it can be avoided, either by using alternative carriers from the trade that can be clipped on, or by using braces that pull the carriers together.

There are also homemade solutions: Small loops sewn into the top hold the straps on the inside – and a paper clip turns two straps into a crossed version.

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Summer, sun, shorts: which shorts are trendy this year? And how do you combine them correctly for different occasions? Fashion experts clarify the most important questions about shorts.

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Short trousers are an indispensable part of women’s fashion in summer. But while in previous years a certain variant was favored, this season the motto is: Anything goes! The range of trendy models ranges from Bermudas to micro-shorts.

Bermuda shorts are popular

Bermuda shorts are essentially in demand this time too, observes the designer Ritchie Karkowski from Timmendorf. "It is particularly suitable for women with long legs." In addition to classic fabrics such as linen and cotton, silk and denim are also very popular.

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